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According to Frost & Sullivan, Hummer Miner is the second largest chip design company in China and the top ten in the world

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Self-developed TPU artificial intelligence chip, higher performance, lower power consumption and higher density

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The company’s artificial intelligence products are used in security monitoring, data centers, super computing, robotics and other fields

Blackminer f1

Hash Altcoin’s Blackminer F1 is the first of several units we’ve been testing lately and will be reviewing. The main reason is the sheer amount of bitstreams they keep putting out, and development that is ongoing with very little delay. Before we go

further — from Wikipedia, here is the definition of FPGA for those not clear. A Field-Programmable Gate Array is an integrated circuit designed to be configured by a customer or a designer after manufacturing – hence the term “field-programmable”. As

you can see, this ability in a powerful package allows for an FPGA to be more powerful in many cases than a GPU and adaptable to new algos — unlike an ASIC, which is usually designed to do specific sets of functions. So with this out of the way, let’s take

look at the specificThe Hash Altcoin Blackminer F1 FPGA is an alternative to the old ASIC and GPU grind for those mining cryptocurrencies. There are many different FPGAs currently operating, yet only a few ever are sold to customers. Hash Altcoin is one

the manufacturers currently shipping FPGA miners and they get them right into your hands — or even hosted. The biggest selling point for buying an FPGA is its ability to be programmed to mine all sorts of algorithms and even perform other processes. Also read: Miami Blockchain Center Opens With Epic Launch Partyations. blackminer f1 more blackminer f1 dual blus blackminer f1 plus blackminer f1